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Must Reads: 31st July 2020 | Today’s must-reads includes: your strategy should be driven by culture not competitors, how to be a better remote manager, Google spying on you and your app usage, why tech is so addictive, the NASA Mars drones, Toblerone’s secret power and a Must Watch video that will reflect how a lot of us are feeling.
And another dedicated Marketing Must Reads.

—Friday Fun—

Source: The New Yorker


—Must Reads—

  1. You must have a Culture driven by Strategy, not competitors 💯 - Link

  2. 10 actionable tips to be a better remote manager ➡️ - Link

  3. Google is likely spying on the apps you use and leveraging to build out their own apps 👀 - Link

  4. How HipHop made Timberland boots 🎤- Video Link

  5. Why technology is so addictive 🗣- Link
    This is a great post from friend of Must Reads and outstanding Product Manager Leader Anish Hallan. Anish is actually opening up to taking on fully remote clients, get in touch on LinkedIn.

  6. A fascinating look at e-rranged marriages, how the app world is looking to disrupt the Muslim dating scene - Link

  7. NASA is sent up a helicopter drone to Mars - Link
    —Here’s how it got on - Link

  8. Passion Economy or Hustle Economy? Why Patreon, Twitch & OnlyFans have saved so many professions - Link
    Subscription based business has boomed in lockdown, artists, creatives and teachers have leveraged tech to provide people what they want…

  9. How Toblerone chocolate represents travel, not chocolate ✈️ - Link
    This is a great and important pillar of Toblerone’s strategy.

  10. Ikea just dropped their first line of merch and it’s actually 👍 - Link

  11. Burberry is leading the way with ‘digital currency’ to join up offline and online loyalty 👜 - Link

  12. Here is an inside look at Facebook emails and texts when buying Instagram 🔍- Link
    If you have never been part of an M&A team this shows you internal chat about the power and the fear large companies can have while going through talks

  13. Facebook labs released a new version Tumblr called 🍳 - Link
    It’s so retro, being 2020 people will likely sign up and use a new (old) way to communicate

  14. If you are struggling with emotions recently and struggling with motivation here is a powerful and emotional video from Simon Sinek and his coach (Link or Watch Below) ❤️


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