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Subject Line Explained: This week I came across another brilliant cartoon account work chronicles. It is full of brilliant work-related meme’s you will be sharing directly and slacking your colleagues and hopefully your boss.

FYI: Last week’s most popular must read story was how to stop overthinking.

Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. 5 Leadership Books To Read In 2021 📖
    Here is a list of the must read 5 leadership books I have read over the past 6 months.
    -Read the full list

  2. A Look At The Impact Of AutoLikes 🤖
    Surprisingly there are many people who just don’t know how easy it is to manipulate social media especially vanity metrics like “likes” (👍s) , here is a whistleblowers account how & what happens when people and brands did this and the risk they took allowing access to their accounts.
    - Read the full story

  3. 11 Minute Bonding Time In Space 🚀
    Since leaving the CEO role at Amazon (aka the world’s richest man) Jeff Bezos has decided to take his brother to space for 11 minutes. Read about what those 11 mins will look like
    - Read the story

  4. What Back To The Office Style Looks Like 👗
    I know what you are thinking can I wear the sweatpants and loungewear into the office? Or should I worry about what I wear? Well it’s big business and fashion insiders have been chomping at the bit to share their hot takes
    - Read what the return to the office fashion

  5. Dealing With Mansplainers at Work? 😬
    Unfortunately, sad but true and a share many won’t see. Here’s how to deal with them when returning to the office.
    - Read the full story

  6. How Previous Athletes Had To Approach Their Mental Health 😞
    A few weeks ago I shared how Naomi Osaka pulled out of the French Open due to mental health, here are a few more examples of how other athletes had to battle mental health and how they weren’t necessarily supported.
    - Read the full story

  7. FOMO Is Back 👀
    Some of the world is getting back on its feet, this article is an interesting look at FOMO since returning to some sort of normal. I know many people have a whole new set of excuses to not attend things.
    - Read the FOMO article

  8. Scheduled Slacking 💬 (above)
    Slack is great for some, a nightmare for others, but one smart move they’ve announced is scheduling messages, it has been a bug bearer of mine over the years and many others and will help people send a message in-office time, help the flow of information and send reminders without having to be at your phone or at your laptop.
    - Read the full story

  9. War Strategy? 💣
    Goose, Maverick, Ice Man are real…but the way we see them in the movie(s) are often inaccurate, here is how the military really train and are built with the enemy in mind and often in the enemy’s seat first.
    - Read the full story

  10. The Rules Of Deception AKA The Scamdemic 👁
    How fraudsters leveraged fear & took advantage of many people during the last 15 months. Includes why the smartphone is the perfect tool to scam with how they have taken advantage and why…
    - Read the full story

  11. “My Google search history: a frank interrogation” 🕵️‍♂️
    A weird, kinda funny interview that took place over slack about your Google search history, would you be scared to shares yours?
    - Read the full article

  12. The Secret To Storytelling In TV & Movies - But & Therefore 📺
    I went down a storytelling rabbit hole this week & stumbled across storytelling advice from the South Park creators, "remove and then” and replace with but and therefore
    - Read & watch the advice

  13. Questioning Your Use Browser Choice? You Are Going To Hear A Lot More In Coming Weeks 🤔
    Why? The world’s most popular and most used browser (Google’s Chrome) connects all the data they can collate on you, blend with what they have stored, from logged in session and when you are logged out (hint private browsing) and serve ads and intel based on all of your activity not just what you are aware of. This is a good why explained from Wired on Instagram

    A post shared by @wired

  14. Cleaning The Grand Canyon Skywalk 😥
    Not for me thanks but a really interesting look at how they clean the famous Grand Canyon

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