Sunday Funday

Must Reads Sunday 10th May 2020 | 
Today’s Must Reads includes how to deal with the evolving work landscape, why authority isn’t always good, how & why conspiracy theories are spreading, and 5 new tools for you to use to help you become more productive.
Today’s 5 tips from Brand consultancy leader Harry Lang.

—Sunday Must Reads—

  1. Struggling with a micromanager (especially while remote) - here’s an interesting LinkedIn news thread (with views from outside your network) 👨 - Link

  2. Struggling to create boundaries while WFH? Here are 5 routines 🎯 - Link
    + Work-life balance: Japanese people believe that the sum of small joys in everyday life results in more fulfilling life as a whole - Link

  3. Authority has its downside, a Seth Godin special 👏 - Link

  4. Supermarket have had a record quarter 📈- Link

  5. Optimising: Use Google at work or live your life through Gmail, here are 30 ways of improving your experience with their calendar 🗓 - Link
    & Use Google Sheets but want to level up? Here are 100 for all levels - Link

  6. How Burger King brainstorm led to the retro tweet campaign 🍔 - Link

  7. Collaboration: How conspiracy theorists are exploiting YouTube 👀- Link

—5 Tips—

Today's 5 tips are from Harry, Harry is the founder of Brand Architects, an award-winning brand and marketing consultancy. I enjoy Harry’s direct opinionsm his Marketing Week articles and why Marketing hasn’t always been the answer, especially in recent times.

—The interlinked worlds of marketing and technology are evolving incrementally, so it’s best practice to evaluate your brand architecture every couple of years and refresh it every three to five years. This was true even before the world went sideways. However, you don’t need to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of Pounds (as many brands do) to update the foundations of your brand guidelines in line with customer, industry, Martech, product, and market needs. You just need a little consumer insight, collaboration, and the brains of a few imaginative and committed team members.

  1. Planning - To refresh your brand architecture you want to create a mission, positioning statement, personality, tone of voice and copy guidelines. These can feed into your logo and design style brief. The aim is for your brand to look, sound, and feel consistent across all communications and marketing channels so the audience is continually reassured, engaged, and excited about the brand as a whole.

  2. Brand Mission – I advocate using five customer promises – things your brand can offer that no other brand can. Create, discuss, and debate these as they are the core of the architecture. Ultimately, these ‘Pledges’ should be things you can paint on your office wall as a reminder of what everyone should focus on every day.

  3. Brand Positioning - once you’ve agreed your Mission, hone it down to one concise sentence summarising the ‘what, who, and how’ you want your brand to act over the coming two to five years.

  4. Personality and Tone of Voice – influenced by your brand positioning and your gut instinct about how you want your brand to sound in all Marcoms materials, it’s worth imagining your business as a person and remember, this is for the benefit of your customers - not yourselves - so you must be objective.

  5. Design and Image Style – the above elements form the headlines of your brand design brief. Give your design team the flexibility to shine and room to grow design beyond boring templates – you want your campaigns to evolve and shine over the period, not all feel like bland variations on a restrictive theme. Remember, customers see before they read so you want your campaigns to demand attention and resonate with your current and future customers.

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—5 Tools—

There have been a few cool tools spring up this week and I thought I’d share:

  1. Trendhunter - a great tool that shows new trends and explainers, thanks to 5 tipper Paula Holmes

  2. Google’s Raising Retail - helps you understand raising retail insights and trends

  3. Zoombackgrounds - says what it does on the tin

  4. Pragli - helping teams have more productive standups, informal catch-ups and more face to face time without having to over organise, Pragli enables with one click not with messy tools + calendars

  5. Microsoft Office inclusive update - offering inclusive language suggestions, changing defaults from policeman to police officer

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week ahead. See you again on Friday.
Danny Denhard 
~ Advisor & Consultant