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Subject Line Explained: This week I saw the meme (below) and it reminded me of how my parents used to explain my job, when I started my parents thought SEO was me working for Google, then helping brands with social = working for Facebook…

FYI: Last week’s most popular must read story was how to stop overthinking.

Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. Learn From Apple’s Lessons 3 Day A Week Email 📧
    Learn from how the Apple employees replied to the executive team and why listening and showing teams they are heard is more important than the message you need to deliver.
    - Read the full post

  2. The Great Unfollow 🛑
    How the most important daily action that happens in the office: the unfollow, should be thought about more frequently and help colleagues to succeed (it might just help to make people happier in the roles)
    - Read the full post

  3. Why Software Got Noisy & Why Sound Design Got So Important 💬
    Who else -loves- hates the slack noises going off on a video call? Or you fondly remember the dial up noise, here’s a great article on why noise become such an important component to software.
    - Read the full story (& hear the annoying noises)

  4. Hard Enough? 🍻
    The hard seltzer took over 🇺🇸 and is coming for Europe and Asia, this story helps you work out the best and why White Claw is loved to be hated
    - Read the full article

  5. Pinterest Full Funnel Marketing 📌
    Pinterest has been a channel many haven’t understood or made it work for them…yet. Unlike others, Pinterest’s full reporting (post to purchase) for shoppable pins (& now lists) might just be the full-funnel trackable social shoppable ads product out there.
    - Read the full story (soft $)

  6. Netflix Personalisation Simplified Breakdown 👌
    I love it when ex-employees offer insights into their old firms, especially when it is from internet giants and simplified so everyone can understand, this (product) breakdown might spark some inspiration or give you food for thought the next time you receive a recommendation
    - Read the full breakdown

  7. Say No To Bad Productivity Advice ✋
    There is a lot of productivity advice out there and you are constantly provided it by a manager or someone more senior, here’s a good counter
    - Read the blog post

  8. Questionable Collab 🍕
    Long time Must Readers will remember I love a brand collab that makes sense, TBH this retro line is cool, BUT…Does this Papa John Depop fashion line makes sense to you? Or is that part of the charm? Answers an a postcard

  9. Do Meditation Apps Even Work? 🧘‍♂️
    Mindfulness has boomed and rightly so over the 18 months, investment has never been higher, but do they work? As someone who really wants to get into mindfulness apps, but struggles to get on with them, this is a good look into the world of calm
    - Read the deep dive

  10. Truth Bombs From Twitch Co-Founder 👏

    Here is a brilliant thread by the co-founder of Twitch, Emmett. Talks about the importance of building for the 10 customers who will love your product not most people who might like it and why customers have to come first not competitors (yes Twitch is an Amazon company 😉)
    - Read the full tips

  11. Doing Purpose Right ♻️
    Company Purpose is something companies PR and Marketing teams leapt on a few years ago and became a buzzword and regular social media sharing exercise, Patagonia live and breath it but admit they have some way to go
    - Read the full interview

  12. If Horoscopes Had Logos ♋️
    What if horoscopes had logos? Well, Adobe created them and they look…modern. Nice idea to leverage social media accounts
    See the logos

  13. London’s Spy School Creating The World’s Top Journalists 🖊
    I used to want to be a journalist, I even won awards when I was a teenager, fortunately, I didn’t follow this up but pairing with the evolution of the web, it has enabled many talented people to find their voice without a big name behind them, this story is a great must-read about one school creating the best journalists keeping people in power in check
    - Read about the journalist spy school

  14. Is Setting Goals A Problem - Should We Focus Instead 🙇‍♂️
    James Clear is a brilliant writer and I have enjoyed his books in the past, James challenges the notion that goals are actually bad as it’s the same for winners and losers…and challenges you to think we should aim for focus not goals. Well worth the read.
    - Read the full article

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"Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done” — Wesley Snipes

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