Baby Yoda Spilling The Tea 🍵

Sorry Kermit you have been replaced by…yes, Baby Yoda (who is not actually the Yoda - who would have thought it). The meme’s are insane already. And last week we were scratching our heads of why Disney execs pulled copyright, what a difference a week makes.

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I have been loving the last season of Silicon Valley, worth binging if you have Sky in 🇬🇧 or HBO in 🇺🇸 so onto…

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😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

Marketing & Growth

Must Read Of The Week - 💯 The Memo all Marketing Leaders have to read 💯



  1. 😟 How Airbnb is changing villages…including Himalayan villages

  2. ⛺️ How hipcamp (the camping version of Airbnb) became the Airbnb of the airdoors and opening up land like no other before

  3. 😠 Facebook are also making travel apps (oh and Podcasting apps)


Nostalgia 101 - I’ll leave you to Instagram’s latest round of ads from their celebrities…

Honey, over the top music videos never went out of style 😉. Had so much fun working with my friends at @Instagram to bring ‘90s style back for the holidays. Shop with your ❤️ on Instagram. - Celine xx… #InstagramPartner
Chéri, les vidéoclips les plus extra ne se démodent jamais. 😉
J'ai eu tellement de plaisir à travailler avec mes amis de @Instagram afin de raviver le style des années 90 pour les fêtes. Faites vos achats avec votre ❤️ sur Instagram. - Céline xx… #InstagramPartner
December 4, 2019

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

Rather than Facebook, I've always believed LinkedIn would be a great place to natively play, host and listen to podcasts.

Upload or Embed, embed would be easy, Why?
Increases engagement, an ability to build groups, build extend your network with people with similar interests and increases your affinity to host and friends. LinkedIn Product or Growth Teams get in touch…for more ideas

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ET coming home for 🎄

Will he text home instead?

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This week the internet was awash with news of Baby Yoda…turns out Disney execs didn’t speak to their team and understand the power of user-generated marketing campaign, that is a prime example of how precious some companies can be. Looks like Disney won out anyways…
OR maybe Lego did with their news-jacking of Tesla.

No photo description available.

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😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

Marketing & Growth

Fashion Focus



Christmas Corner

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The CMO should be looking over their shoulder

Happy Fri-yay! Thanks for reading this week’s Must Reads newsletter.

This week I keynoted at the Disruptive Marketing Summit and then spoke on a panel about what Marketing is in today’s world, how it will evolve in the near future and tools to keep an eye out for.

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😍 This Week’s 15 Must-Reads 😍

  1. 😲RIP to the CMO - find out why the CMO is under more threat than ever before

  2. 🆒Here is how Decker brands make their uncool brands the hottest products in fashion

  3. 🍫Nutella released a Hotel

  4. 👏The ins and outs of simplifying brands

  5. 📺Apparently TV is the least risky option for Marketing and Advertising, what do you think?
    Maybe ask Pepsi about their Pepsi Max ads even before they were launched…

  6. 📲 The first Mobile Only Coffee Shop has opened in NYC
    There will be a future which looks like this, whether you will ever be able to manage people who won’t or just doesn’t want to order over

  7. Amazon is going to be rolling out cashier-less stores and Amazon go in more destinations and as a tech platform

  8. 🕵️‍♂️Android is often seen as the secure option, well not when there is a flaw as big as this

  9. 📄Meanwhile, another side of G, Google is rolling out smart compose….to docs
    The feature is good in Gmail, I do find myself using it from time to time but whether people will want to remove their own tone and language is something to see

  10. 🍕Why Amazon two pizza rule carries on winning
    I’m a huge advocate of this approach, need more than two pizzas you have too many in your meeting!

  11. 💯Career frameworks and matrixes to help you progress your team’s careers

  12. 🗣How to stop being scared of disagreements and make them productive
    If you do not like conflict, this is a good article to read and action

  13. 💪I was lucky to hear Dave Trott speak this week, his blog on Tinned Meat will inspire your weekend

  14. ⤵️Friend of the newsletter Ross dropping some knowledge

  15. 🤣I have said it before on the newsletter but Ryan Reynolds (& his team) just get’s Marketing

    “When you have a loud mind, as I do, you go to places that quiet you.”
    - Angelina Jolie - In her recent Harpers Bazaar interview

🗣Work Culture Feature 🗣

As culture is the most popular topic shared here are some Must Read articles from this week:

💭Get you thinking💭

If you are struggling with your idea or startup? Don’t worry even Gmail struggled.
It took Gmail 5 years to convince the business it was a good idea and was almost killed two years in. It now has 1.5b users and turned 15 years old.
Some stats…
28% of our day is spent in email, that’s 650 hours of email a year.
10% of the replies are now from smart replies (on 📲)

🤔Final Thoughts 🤔

Friend of the newsletter Simon has delivered the Q4 digital report (it’s an epic piece of work)
The key takeaways, there are more social media users, Facebook advertising is slowing, Pinterest advertising as an alternative is on the increase, while you guessed it TikTok is on the up (and up).

Do you think Social is going to evolve much in 2020? Did you see yourself on TikTok? Or going back to pinning? Let me know on email

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This week’s gif is of course from Giphy

Last week was one of the most read and forwarded emails to date, so thank you.
The Future Of Social Media the most read Must-Read last week.

All I want for🎄 isssss...

A Greggs sausage roll

Happy Friday, how has your week been?

Here is the most demanded Xmas jumper this year…yes, Greggs sausage roll 🎅 jumper. I’ll let you make up your mind if it is Vegan or not…


This week has seen a number of changes, Nike move away from selling on Amazon to “focus on its own direct sales to consumers” (this is likely to happen on Instagram btw), Disney+ launch in 🇺🇸 to 10m subs in 2 days (in 🇬🇧 it’s not out until March), Motorola brought back the Razr (yes touch screen flip & it looks 🔥) and 6.4m views on the John Lewis Advert (don’t worry more info below)

awesome emoji GIF by Njorg

Did you know in Japan 60%+ of Coca Cola is sold via vending machines…well vending machines have been making a come back and this is pretty smart by Kylie Jenner to place it in Las Vegas airport.

this makes me so happy 🥰 I just launched my first ever @kyliecosmetics vending machines at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas!! We are in Terminal D by gate D17 and International Terminal E by gate E9! ❤️❤️ #KylieCosmetics
November 14, 2019

🆕 This Weeks Must Reads 🆕

  1. 🔮2020 Vision: The future of social media

  2. 💪The Rock talking about anxiety, depression and how he deals with it

  3. 🦸‍♂️Not so Super: The big four supermarkets are losing market share to Aldi, Lidl and Ocado
    —> This is how Tesco is shifting to a (Prime) subscription business to counter Amazon and smaller supermarkets taking more share

  4. Instatok? Instagram is testing aka rolling out tiktok features
    My 💭: Instagram has become the testing ground for Facebook, why you might ask, it’s all about time spent and advertising spend, alongside serving the next best piece of content for you. Why Brazil? 🇧🇷 Is known for having a largely popular userbase and has adopted new features and networks quickly. Insta has a lot riding on its shoulders, especially understanding the remix culture that TikTok has produced. Zuck was found on Tiktok this week, following celebrities but big TikTok talent. I’d love for him to drop a video on reels I mean TikTok 😂

  5. Tasty 😋 : Buzzfeed’s pioneer cookery brand tasty is launching 100% customisable cookbook

  6. Snap, crackle, flop 🤓? Snap has released their version 3 of their AR glasses, this time much more expensive. With Apple announcing their AR headset and glasses for 2022, My 💭: the head and eyes are still the next battlegrounds, some suggesting it will replace the phone. What do you think?
    —👏 Thanks, Paula for sending over this week’s number 5, 6 & 10 👏—

  7. 🇬🇧🎅: £17m has already been spent in the UK on mince pies
    We have spend £6m on Christmas puddings already

  8. 👏Busy is a choice, productive is a skill: Seth Godin dropping another knowledge bomb

  9. Travel Disruption 🛩: Skyscanner is depriortising meta search and going to become a travel marketplace

  10. A Whole Day Flying? 🇦🇺 airline Qantas completed a one-off research flight that carried about 50 people from London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 to Sydney 🇦🇺 nonstop, clocking up two world records in the process - that’s a no thanks from me

  11. Amazon Supermarket 🧀? Amazon going offline again with more food stores
    My 💭: The move into stores away from books and Whole Foods is a smart play for Amazon as a brand, whether their meals and prices can attract people from their Supermarket of choice (Walmart in 🇺🇸) only time and scale will tell.

  12. 😴 Speaking of Amazon, here is an interesting article of what might keep (all of the Jeff’s) Jeff Bezos up at night

  13. Up in Smoke🔥? After a rough year, Juul the vape company is reducing its workforce and reducing its spending (mostly from Advertising and Marketing) by $1b next year.
    My 💭: After losing its CMO and being called out for misleading users of the dangers of vaping, it’s interesting timing to make this shift, tobacco and vaping have always used questionable tactics and created smart advertising to promote, I hope we are starting to see the end of smoke-related products!

  14. Good News vs Bad News 📰? Advertising is the new dot com bubble

  15. New Social On The Block 🆕: Wikipedia founder released a news focused social network (a slightly better-looking forum) yesterday

  16. Internet giants fighting over your 💸
    Apple led the way, now Facebook and Google are getting into the market..
    🔵Facebook improving consumer trust or just going after your money?
    🕵️‍♂️Google is also reportedly going to offer banking accounts
    My 💭 for some all in android users this makes sense but as a company that has struggled to become a keep my credit and debit card on record, i’d be surprised if there is a mad rush for this away from fan boys and droids

  17. Need organising 👣: Looking for a project or product management tool for a small team or side project? Or just want to organise your home life, Basecamp has come out with a free version.

  18. App Marketing 2020 📲: Here are 5 trends you will want to know about, especially PWA’s - Consumers spend 674 billion hours on mobile

  19. Nostalgia 101 👟- Reebok hoping the 25-year logo will bring back the glory days, what do you think?

  20. Mistake 🙀: Uber CEO made a big mistake in an interview with Axios this week

Next week I am speaking at the Disruptive Marketing Conference, my deck is called “RIP to The CMO”, it shouldn’t take you too long to work out if you aren’t a first-time reader of the newsletter on why it is called that.
Here is one of the slides, I’ll know you will enjoy:

I will be sharing the presented deck, likely in next week’s newsletter.
There is a much bigger essay coming…

Christmas 🎄 TV Ads Playlist
Yes, I should apologise, you are no doubt sick of them already but here is a list of the 2019 Christmas Ads, Ikea is definitely winning from social sentiment, what is your favourite?

Quote that resonated with me this week

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

— Michael Jordan 🏀

🎧 Podcast Of The Week 🎧 -

😟LinkedIn’s Hello Monday is a great pod series, this has been my favourite in recent time
Struggling with anxiety or stress at work, don’t worry you are not the only person, even COO of Vice media (and was deputy chief of staff at the White House)

Have a great week and thanks for reading the Must Reads Newsletter.

Danny Denhard (Follow Me ~ LinkedInTwitter Blog)

Disclaimer: All views are my own, until you click through on the stories.

Want a 3 day weekend? Move to 🇯🇵?

Can you be more productive in 4 days a week?

Happy Friday! I have had a 3 day week this week and it was great.
In Japan, Microsoft to be specific are testing out 3 day weekends and productivity has increased 40%, imagine being more focused and it working as you are all pulling for the same goals in less time 😉
(If you’d like to pitch working 4day weeks, here’s a popular Medium article)


Have you seen the Google drawing game? (Here is an alternative version using their tech) Let me know what you think it is…

Anyways, onto the real reason why you are here…

🔥The Must-Reads Of The Week 🔥

  1. Talk like TED: ⏯ The Must Watch TED Talks

  2. Leader: 💪 vs 🤗: Challenging what makes a great leader

  3. Screen time: 📲 The six apps Google have released to help you manage your time and screen time
    —> On the other hand, Canada 🇨🇦 is allowing their Google-powered smart city to go ahead but there are obvious question marks over data collection
    I know I wouldn’t want to live in somewhere like this but many will see a positive, is this the future or too controlling, I suppose we will find out.

  4. Hmm 🕵️‍♀️: Vice uncovered Wayfair’s risky tactic of calling a customer who is browsing their site
    This isn’t the first time this has happened and will continue to happen when marked as a concierge service.
    What do you think it is ok? Or is it a massive no-no?

  5. Emoji 😲 How emojis are created, submitted and approved for us to use

  6. Kids these days 🇫🇷 Why old is new and cool again, why Paris’ Galeries Lafayette is attracting younger shoppers than ever before
    ⦿ Livestreaming Shopping 🛒: QVC might not be cool but it’s inspiring a how new generation of clothes shopping
    ⦿ Influence: Here is a longread into the cultural influence of the hair scrunchie and it’s significance in 2019 (Thanks VSCO 🤭)

  7. Birdseye ❄️: Why frozen food industry is booming

  8. Growth 🚀 : Ever wanted to know how some of the most successful companies got their growth from for their first million users?

  9. Strategy 💯 : How WeChat was built on vision (and a work of art not just a Product) - I’m a big fan of WeChat (as a platform full of useful features not of their reporting on individuals) and what they have achieved and now they led the Chinese mobile revolution. FWIW In 🇨🇳, many didn’t have access to a desktop and the internet skipped whole generations. If you are in Marketing or Product go take a look at WeChat and their ecosystem. Here is a good read.

  10. 📚 The must-read Business books 📚

  11. Help Yourself👏 The simple guides & matrixes that will help improve your day

  12. Live 🙌 YouTube News: they have rolled out super stickers for chat to earn creators more money.
    & Pregnancy videos especially waters breaking are becoming insanely popular

  13. Smart💄How & why the beauty industry is taking personalisation to the next level thanks to inspiration from 23andme

  14. 5G ✏️: Why design yes design is likely to make or break 5G adoption

  15. ⁉️What Group? Whatsapp now finally allows you to filter and choose which groups you are added to in real-time

  16. 🍔 Ad? Uber Eats is looking to add ads in-app to create a sustainable business
    This isn’t new and something Just Eat and many other companies in the marketplace models offer, but is interesting how quickly Uber has entered this space

  17. Alexa 💬 Alexa is 5, although pretty much the market leader, why is it still so basic?

  18. Two ugly sides of going viral 🦠:
    How a misleading story about a Political leader’s husband went viral
    How the promise of fame is haunting college kids

💡 What a great idea 💡

❤️ Work Culture ❤️

Culture is always popular on the Must Read Newsletter so here are a handful of good reads from this week:
⦿ Surviving disengaging workplaces
⦿ Netflix was always famous for its culture, but it might well be too cutthroat, does supporting colleagues mean weakness?
⦿ Uber “Entrepreneurship fuels the work that we do
⦿ Simon Sinek - How do you learn the infinite mindset

💲Business 💲

How a milk alternative became such an empire and ran those anti ads

I Got This Lol GIF by Tennis TV

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, changing it up a bit, I will leave you with a quote this week:

Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.
Dan Brown

Disclaimer: All views are my own, until you go onto the articles.

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