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This week Wordpress acquired Tumblr for $3m - it sold for over $1b to Yahoo many moons ago. It has been a fascinating week of what will happen and how will Wordpress save the community. WP Founder Matt Mullenweg was interviewed a bunch and suggested he wanted an alternative Social Experience (love this and what he means by the incredibly engaged and loyal fanbase on and of Tumblr) and wants to bring blogging back to its glory days.
Expect Tumblr to have better ads, better context and more subscription models for you to pay (support who you follow or use of templates etc) or get paid (for being a curator). I for one think it will be a good match from October when the deal closes and look forward to seeing a new alternative to the social networks out there.

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🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🎶Spotify to podcasters - use our data, we will make it easier and you better

  2. 🥅Why Air Jordan is interested in football / soccer Air Jordan have flirted with soccer with a few years, Neymar cross over and PSG offering exclusive European kits, this would be a power-play for Nike and Jordan Brand especially with the right star

  3. ⚽️How style icon David Beckham led the way for athletes like Conor McGregor

  4. 👂Facebook has been caught out around their transcribe service and sending it to humans to transcribe and reviewing these messages (you did have to opt in btw). Facebook have pointed to doing the same as Google, Amazon and Apple.

  5. 🤝 Business Reads Of The Week:
    Here is a detailed read into how Netflix is lobbying in different ways to grow
    & How WeWork tried to pass itself off as a tech company (not property) and is losing $221k + per day coming up to it’s IPO (image (source) below shows how WeWork works)

  6. 🗣Want to know the secret of successful people’s meeting structures and communication - this is a good read
    Apple’s Secret was “Simplicity’s Best Friend: Small Groups of Smart People”

  7. 👩‍💻As I commented in last week’s Must Reads’s, Google have commonly leveraged their technology and moats (anti competitive), there is now under investigation for antitrust complaints from competitors for Google Jobs Product.

  8. ⛺️Find out why Glamping is important to Will Smith and Jay-Z? (And a16z)

  9. “The evolving nature of work demands less from the body and more from the mind – meaning the mind is becoming a greater victim of occupational hazards”

  10. 😳 It’s been a challenging week for Google, Googlers don’t want government contracts, “Google Employee Writes Memo About ‘The Burden of Being Black at Google’.

Two important reads you might have missed:
🍌Why Banana’s are close to disappearing
Why more lightening strikes in the Arctic is so worrying

🐧 Tweet of the Week 🐧

Product Hacking 101 -
Find something no-one really wants + Cause friction between users = Get more usage & insights

Below is an interesting look at app downloads in the Social Media Category - Facebook typically leads the way but interesting to see Social Editing Apps and gaming platforms appear. TikTok $1b Marketing strategy is still ensuring they are continued to get downloaded.

Top Social Media Apps Worldwide for July 2019 by Downloads

🧐 Final Thought 🧐

Twitter announced this week they were going to test following “Topics” on Android devices.
It is rare in 2019 platforms want to attempt to reshuffle its core product function so much and fundamentally change the way the site and app operates.
As you might expect, I have thoughts:

  • Topics over people: Twitter have said for many months it’s reliance on following individuals and curating your own feed has hurt them, it will be interesting to see how well this is executed and if Android users are the right sort of high value / best first user

  • Deeper connections: Twitter needs a way to move people from casual users to more regular users and interests and topics are four main reasons why we use social networks

  • Topic & Interests > People & Connections: For the last ten years Social Media have been follow a person or account and get updates when they post, you are unlikely to know what they are going to post and many accounts have mixed themes or topics.
    This is a way to tap into topic graph and get closer to Reddit’s model of topic and interest rather than follow person graph. Remember Twitter’s DAU and MAU’s are way lower rather than rival networks.

  • Play for Daily Active Users: Curated topics is a way for Twitter to increase DAU's and expand the product to new audiences

  • AI Driven Future: TikTok has led the way for let the machine offer you compelling content, this is a lite way for Twitter to push algorithmic content long term

  • Best First Timeline: Twitter curating topics means it is testing best (trusted) accounts first, this is something Twitter have been doing with “News” and was used more

  • Social Communication Over Social Networks: With social media and network shifting to more private based chat (self selected groups) and communication, Twitter is shifting towards news and discussion with topics and topical experts, it was something Twitter had early success with and looks like they are hoping this shift will bring Twitter back.

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Ten Mins Of Your Time ⌚️

Let me steal your knowledge 🤔

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Everyone loves valuable advice no? This tweet really nailed it for me. I highly recommend Scott Belsky’s video (and the book it comes from) from 99u conference.

Tweet Source

🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 💪How RiRi (Rihanna) become a global make-up and clothing leader
    RiRi has had a great few years from a business POV, highlighting how you can build, leverage and develop partnerships to release what you are passionate about.

  2. 💳Apple card was released in the US, here’s a deeper look at their apple (pay) card strategy is
    Apple is being incredibly smart in being physically in your wallet, leveraging the cool factor like Monzo (+ other challenger banks are available) and being your digital wallet. Apple might well own the next fashion accessory. A way to think of this is:
    iPod —> White iPod headphones —> Macbook (coffee shop) —> iPhone —> Watch —> Airpods (rich boy check) —> Credit card.

  3. 👂Even Skype contractors are listening to your Skype calls and reading the call logs. When will tech companies learn to tighten this up or stop it?
    Related: Twitter admits another leak of data

  4. 🤳FFS: Instagram allowed a “trusted partner” track users locations, bios and photos
    Facebook’s move to have “from Facebook” maybe came early as a potential trusted partner leveraged loopholes to gain more information than any user would allow knowingly. I know this won’t hit many users today but overtime we will question what impact this had on us and our decision to be “open” online.

  5. 📺Not a fan of the framing but Netflix an YouTube are now considered third and forth most popular channels in UK
    Netflix and YouTube are more TV for people and far more addictive and replaced TV rather than just channels, comparing them as a channel is light for me but unscheduled TV (no guide needed) has become the canonical channel for many (especially younger audiences) and will continue while normal TV struggles to control your schedule and habits. Watch what you want to watch vs what is on and when. FWIW Sports is the only thing that bucks this.

  6. 🚏Uber wants to be your journey pal, selling public transport tickets and be your bus service.
    Uber and Lyft (and Citymapper) have battled this out for a couple of years now, expect this to continue, whether the Metro card or Oyster is replaced by an app or a physical pass. There is an opportunity here, who will win maybe it’s the mobile OS providers who decide - Apple vs Android will continue to dictate many moves in coming years.

  7. 🏡Here’s why experiences is hugely important for Airbnb and co
    Experiences are everywhere and is an obvious next step for these companies. Especially in travel, experience the local at scale has been the untapped resource for decades. I expect this to become a ‘perk’ for many in coming years, whether Airbnb controls this market or is swallowed by Google (maps is slowly becoming their prime product) let’s see.

  8. 🤔Find out what Apple, Facebook and Spanx have in common
    Many businesses spring from side hustles, I predict many more will come in the next wave of business post app driven world.

  9. 👩‍💻Do you have the fear of public speaking or want to improve? Well you’re not alone, although the trick is not to memorise everything.
    As someone who does it four to five times a year (latest deck here) and much prefers having a deck and presentation to support it, often it goes best when i’m not over prepared.

  10. 😠 Google is shutting down Trips (its planning holidays and get away apps) and rolling into its web properties
    Google is known for leveraging its scraping of the web, its huge dominance and power is a moat few less can ever develop, maintain and ultimately leverage. Google’s ability to aggregate, build and offer new tools and apps to their users is unrivalled. Google learns from this cycle (mostly user interactions and unique data) and then if the project is successful, Google often will roll into the core products suite (search, gmail and importantly for them…ads) and in this instance this is no difference.
    Maps is something Google are building around as a core product and will be interesting how it continues to feast on the travel industry and step up the brand and utility ladder.

✊Long Read Of The Week ✊
I rarely call out one specific #LongReads but Matthew Ball has written possibly the best strategic review of The Streaming Wars you will ever read.
If you are into TV, video on demand and streaming, go grab a coffee and read it .

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Byron 🍔 has changed their logo and for me alone it got a lot of replies (not particularly positive but funny nonetheless).
What do you think of this logo?

🧠 Thread of the week 🧠

There was talk this week of Disney looking to remake some classics, including Home Alone, Jen Lewis (an app developer / graphical artist) already did this. BTW her Twitter account is kind of hilarious.

💡Hack of the week 💡

Did you know meme’s are shared 7x more than non meme content on Instagram? Well go getting meme-ing (Source). ➡️Go meme.

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

The co-founder of Basecamp is great to follow on social media, this is one of his updates from the week. I think his rant will clearly divide opinion however one thing you are always taught is you can never get back time and every second counts, so my question this week is - Can you get anything done in 10 minutes that values those minutes?

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👻 Real Friends

Snapchat's beef with Insta & Twitter

Snapchat has rarely compared itself or called out a competitor in its many years (despite being Facebook & Instagram Free Product division), however in their newest campaign they have basically called out Insta and Twitter as they focus on “real friends” and one to one communication rather than spray and pray.
Do you agree you should take aim at competitors or concentrate on your own product and sing about it?

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🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. Uber cut their Marketing Team by 1/3 - with Marketing going under Policy and Comms, this is a sign of the future? Marketing being placed under a different department not directly a C-Suite Marketing Leader?

    1. 🎧 Spotify is a company known for winning, but they definitely lost in Video and hardware.
      What I found interesting was the companies listed who tried to acquire them including Microsoft, Google and Tencent.

    2. 🗞Investment into specific publications has risen recently, The Athletic, The Skift, Glossy have all exploded in popularity, here’s a good breakdown of why and why consumers are deciding to supporting publications - obviously it’s what they are connected to and topics they are interested in.

    3. 💄Birchbox is incredibly popular and here is a longread interview with co-founder and CEO discusses business and “why everyone needs me time” and what thats meant for their business and the beauty industry.

    4. 🦍 This is a fascinating article on debunking the myths that animals and humans are very different and non-primate animals show emotions too!

    5. 😏 NPS is an important business metric most companies live by, I for one think the measurement is broken and can be greatly improved.
      Here is a good post on why it’s broken.

    6. 🤳Instagram is never not in the news, fortunately there are some tag cleaners who protect and respect (deceased) users by cleaning up hashtags

    7. 🗺 A detailed look at the new Apple Maps,
      With look around and collections competing features against Google Maps.

    8. 🆓 The real costs of free returns - is a great read and something we the consumers consider when ordering and returning items online.

    9. 🍽 Naming rights and sponsorship is BIG business, but the upsides are pretty great too. What do you think about the latest - Kraft Heinz is agreeing a 20 year naming rights for $57m deal.
      Why this is smart? You are mentioned numerous times every game, you are listed on maps and local guides, your brand is shown constantly across advertising of the games and support activities and you develop affinity with the supporter base.

🧠 Thread of the week 🧠

Modest Proposal is one of my favourite smart Twitter accounts, often shares big thinking pieces and reviews business books, this thread below is well worth a read if you are curious about Netflix and their journey. Here is the full Thread available on Threader

Question of the week ❓

Is real friends and AR filters enough to get people to love and use Snap? #idontagree

Video Of The Week

Simon Sinek is always one of the most clicked stories on Must Reads Newsletters, here is his London show he put on at the turn of the year. It got rave reviews and I can see why:

💡Hack of the week 💡

Did you know you can view any paywalled article on Medium by searching through Twitter and clicking through on the link? It’s an exclusive deal they have and gets around hitting your views limit.

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

Food Delivery:
There has been a lot of discussion around food delivery and the food delivery space, Amazon looking to invest in Deliveroo, Uber Eats expanding services (but cutting Marketing team) and proposed Just Eat and merger has got a lot of attention.
Deliveroo and Sainsburys are trialling delivering their food directly to your doorstep.
Existing powerhouses like Dominos have really stepped up (this is a great explainer ⏯ video on what Dominos has done to win) and leveraged tech and location as their key driver.

Food delivery is one of the most innovative verticals I have worked in, the level of insights and details they have is second to none. So the delivery space will be fascinating to watch:
- With more mergers and acquisitions, if Amazon has access to the Deliveroo data it will be priceless for them (habit of ordering, food by location, number of orders and preference)
- Lower priced options appear (quality unlikely to be hindered, if anything improve)
- Continued increase in Ghost Restaurants and Virtual Kitchens to reduce friction on ordering and deliver specific foods
- More experiments like McDonald’s takeaway only stores will pop up to compete with food on the go
- Ocado steps up their service with M&S (Ocado’s service is second to none) and expand their data sets to improve their automated packing centres (this video is a great explainer)
- Healthy food becomes available and quicker to your door (there is a real issue with healthy food being available and delivered quickly and conveniently)
We all have “Prime Expectations” (where Amazon Prime is our anchoring bias and expect perfect delivery quickly, cheaply and effectively) with all services now and food is essential, especially when we are demanding restaurant experience from the comfort of our own homes.

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🥵 If you can't stand the heat...

Get out of the kitchen

Hello from heatwave, sweat drenched London, we didn’t quite beat the hottest temp ever but it was given a good go! Londoners and tourists alike are now happy its dropped 12c.

Just a reminder that this week’s is deliberately shorter, let me know what you think of the format.

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🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 👟The secret behind Nike’s beaded shoes
    Alternatively if you are an adidas fan - Meet the most famous man behind a trainer/sneaker Stan Smith

  2. 📺Young people don’t like news from TV
    This isn’t a surprise but the numbers are so low it suggests there is an opportunity there and not in a ‘woke’ Vice way

  3. 📸How Google photos joined the billion user club
    The value exchange for free pictures and storage is enough for most ;-)

  4. 🔫The man who built the retweet button believe Twitter created a weapon of potential mass destruction

  5. 👙UK’s Love Island is getting a winter version
    Because it drives ad revenue and viewerships obvs —> “it is, what it is”

  6. 📲Netflix had a bad quarter at home, so Netflix are releasing a mobile only version for equivalent to $3 - this is smart because everyone is trying to crack the Indian market and mobile is the primary device in a lot of India.

  7. 👩‍💻Apple might just be as bias as the other big four (Amazon, Facebook and Google) and rewarding itself
    This is paywalled but the TLDR is Apple are rewarding their own apps in their appstore and highlights how Apple can contradict their external statements

  8. 🍔Easy Marketing and PR 101: In-and-Out burger found in NYC (for anyone outside the US In-And-Out is West Coast Only), everyone goes mad and it was a “simple mistake
    I’m still not sure this wasn’t staged but stories like this make massive waves

  9. 🏢I love this out of office, why no email is that important article,
    I wouldn’t be as bold as auto deleting my emails like one person but it’s a tactic to see if your auto reply is being read

  10. 💬Important Social Media Updates:
    WeChat is now accepting offline payment…in the air WeChat is supersmart & something every company is looking at, TikTok has changed the beauty industry,
    How Snap became popular again…Facial and Gender Swaps and concentrating on their audience.

    The Hopper Instagram Rich List was launched - want to know why Kylie (North of $1.1m per post) is up charging so much? Out of the last 4 weeks she has had 3 - 6 of the top 9 most popular Instagram posts

Things I loved this week

🤔Final Thought 🤔

On Android alone, Microsoft has been downloaded over 1billion (yes with a B) times, it’s not something you’d expect however it highlights two important things,
1. Default is king (for most businesses Microsoft is still your suite of choice) and
2. In 30+ years that hasn’t been a suite of tools that has got near to replacing Microsoft Office, G Suite (Google Docs) only really does well in Start Up’s and Education.

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Thanks - Danny Denhard 
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TikTok gonna make you...

Jump Jump 💪

jump GIF
  • TikTok is the latest breakout app (and marketers are scrambling to work it out) of 2018 and 2019, you might see their video’s everywhere, web series made about it and a mad dash for uncool people to join. It’s whole ecosystem is based on trends and making the person on the other end of the camera a star for 15 seconds, it’s fascinating and was talk of the town at Vidcon.
    Here are some stats to show you their size and why it’s likely important for you:

🤩 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🧠 Why the corner shop / convenience store might just be Amazon’s greatest work

  2. 👨‍💻 Stat of the week: “Managers spend 85% of the day in meetings, on the phone or talking to people about work, not doing it. It’s flexible and adaptive, but conflicts with the way that the human brain operates” - Carl Newport

  3. 🥃 This study shows why alcohol is so dangerous and it’s all down to science

  4. 🥅 Why record shirt sales for women’s 🇺🇸⚽️ team after winning the World Cup was really Nike’s World Cup
    Also read: Paddy Power have done it again, this time breaking football kit rules

  5. 🎧 Everyone has a podcast..why people are craving peak podcast

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising Must Reads ❤️

💵 Business Must Reads 💵

  • Slack is now number 2 in the corporate messaging space but CEO compares it to Bing and Google+ - brute force won’t help Microsoft (teams)

  • Remember the Google walk out of recent months, unfortunately many of those involved in starting the movement have left. Goes to show, some companies want to change and enable it, others don’t.

  • Apple are going all in funding original podcasts to keep controlling the podcast market. FWIW exclusive albums and music on platforms really didn’t work and exclusivity on podcast really struggle to match how podcasts is structured and considered. With that said, If anyone can corner the market, it’s likely Apple.

    A way to think about podcasts in the audio attention economy:
    Music: everyday listening - low cost and easy to consume, most likely multi task to or with
    —> Podcasts: mostly free, episodic and long form, easy to consume, can multi task with one on
    —> Audiobooks: expensive purchases, dedicated time stretched over a long period of time, need to concentrate
    The reason this is so important is audio is being bundled together and looking to unbundle (tackle) radio - why? Radio is listened to by 1 in 3 Brits (& higher stats in US) everyday and has huge advertising budgets. This is why podcasts are so important for affinity and advertising revenues.

🚀 Product Must Reads 🚀

🎧 Must Listen Of The Week 🎧
& ❝Quote that resonated with me this week❞

"We weren't trying to re-invent the wheel – we were just trying to reverse it." — Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble Founder

There were two stand out moments in this podcast, one how durable and versatile Bumble and their team have had to be and how they are proactive with product “hi-jacking”.
⏯Listen here

🤔Final Thought 🤔

It’s that time of the quarter again where Simon and Data Reported release the previous quarters stats and as ever it’s packed with incredible insights 

My top 5 are: 

  1. Share of web traffic by device mobile usage has dropped and laptops and computers have increased 

  2. Most visited websites (Similarweb data) Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia (and without surprise a lot of social networks & porn sites) 

  3. Portugal, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Spain are most concerned about misuse of their personal data 

  4. Adblockers are particularly popular in Asia (US and UK are actually quite low vs where I thought they would be) 

  5. There is now 3.5 billion social media users online - this is insane!

Next week I am going to make the newsletter much shorter with just a handful of must reads picks, let me know what you think of the idea.
Have a great weekend and as always tweet, LinkedIn message or email me.

Thanks - Danny Denhard 
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